Some of My Work!

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Some of My Work!

Post by Blue on Thu Sep 23, 2010 12:43 pm

Here's a few of my graphics I've done. I have never took up on any schooling for graphics, so keep in mind I'm self taught ya! But just thought I'd share!

Flyer for one of my boys tryin to get his Rap Career going!

Pic I did for my boy/bro that past in Iraq! This is his lil girl at his grave! RIP Bruddah!

My old crew, dedicated to my boy that past...Same person as mentioned above.

Fake album cover I did for my boy Vic

A competition was held for Janet Jackson's new album for her cover, so I entered (didn't win) but here was my entry

Just a randome sig I did for a forum

A banner for one of my boys Car Detailing business

Another randome sig I did for a forum


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