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Post by Blue on Tue Dec 21, 2010 3:35 pm

This area of our forum is dedicated to not only the brother/sisters we know deployed, but for all other soldiers deployed. I have spread the word with my brother, and a brother from another mother about this site. What I would like to happen, is that any deployed soldier can post up there contact info, and then start posting requests of what they would like to recieve in a care package while being deployed.

Please understand that eStatus understands that not everyone can send what is being requested due to personal issues, or finances. This is just made as an idea, in hopes that peeps deployed do get some love from us here on the main land. So again, don't feel that you're obligated to do/send anything for anyone. But do take into consideration that these guys/ladies are out there putting there life on the line for all of us here, WITH OUT the luxuries we enjoy/utilize here on a daily bases. A simple magazine you're about to chunk in the garbage can be one of the greatest time killers for a soldier deployed, so think about it!

Please pass this info to other networking sites, friends, etc. And hopefully, a soldier out there can recieve something that will bring a little bit of home to them there!

Hella thanks to all that helps out in this! And to the soldiers deployed, God Bless, and Be Safe! "ONE"



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